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January 2004
After the cruise, we stop off and have lunch in Ft. Lauderdale.  The day is picture perfect.   Air Temp: ~ 80, Water Temp: ~75.  The weather really was amazing.
January, 2004
Lauren and Dad at the Boynton Beach Inlet which provides access between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Ocean. 
April 13, 2004
Lauren gets a discount ticket to come down to Delray Beach again and this time, I take her to Blowing Rokcs Beach.  It's really a pretty place, where rock formations protrude above the sand on the beach.

April 13, 2004
Lauren at Blowing Rocks Beach, north of Delray Beach about 40 miles.  The winter in Florida is usually the dry season, but it rained on this trip, but not too bad.  It was still nice to be with her.


April 13, 2004
Lauren at Blowing Rocks.  The waves literally crash within this blow-hole.  During high tide, the water shoots out of this blow-hole. 

July, 2004
Finally, a picture of Lauren's first new (used) car, a Honda Element.

August 1, 2004
Here is a recent picture of my little girl. She spent the afternoon playing in Newport, Rhode Island.  


August 1, 2004
They even rented scooters for a few hours and putted around the island checking out that mansions of Newport. 


August 1, 2004
Lauren and Eric pose with the Atlantic in the background.


This picture was taken several years ago in Newport Beach, Calif at an arcade there.  The photo arcade booth allowed one to have their picture taken with a variety of hairdoos.

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