Lauren's Pictorial

This page is dedicated to my daughter Lauren. 
She's grown up to be such a special young woman. I'm very proud of her.


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Approximately 1984
Lauren & Heather Ice Skating on a Pond in Lynnfield, MA.  They were so cute and played so well together


Approximately 1986
Lauren's School Picture. 


May 2003
Lauren's first visit to the home on the water in Delray Beach, FL


May 2003
Lauren's having lunched with Mimi (Grandmother) at Boston's on the Beach, Delray Beach, FL


August 2003
Lauren visits me on one of her first's business trips which took her to Lakeland, FL to survey plant life on a year old gas pipeline.  Here she is at the pool at High Pointe.


Winter, 2003
Lauren and Eric on a Ski Trip


November 2001
Lauren taking a break from school work.  I remember buying a digital camera and her pictures were the first I took with the new camera. 


November 2001
Lauren doing her homework for college in her room in Lynnfield, MA


March, 2001
Lauren posing in the Family Room, Lynnfield, MA


September, 2001
Lauren standing by the swing-set tending to her garden.  She always did enjoy her garden, even when she was a little girl.


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