Heather's Pictorial

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This is my oldest daughter at age 1 in 1978 / 1978 timeframe.  I have vivid memories of me arriving home from work and her loving to run around on the bed sideways like Moe of the Three Stooges.   It was so funny, and she had so much fun showing off.   Cute....

Yet another classic picture of the girls when they were toddlers.  Heather took good care of her little sister and Lauren was happy just sitting in the laundry basket. 


This is a collection of photos of both Lauren (top row) and Heather. 

Top left is Lauren helping me wash a car.  She has to do it on the car instead of next to the car.  The top middle picture is that of Lauren in Nursery School or maybe even Kindergarten.  The top right picture is of the girls at Salem Willows when they had a small amusement park outside.  This has since been removed.   The bottom left photo and middle right are those of Heather in about the second grade, one from school, the other at Lynn Beach, Lynn, MA.  The classic photo of them all is the bottom right photo of Heather and Lauren at Halloween in their Strawberry Shortcake costumes that their mother made them.  They looked so cute.   These photo's brings back a lot of fond memories.  


1998 Class Pictures


1996 High School Class Prom.  Heather looking so pretty and so grown up. 

This photo was taken on Thanksgiving, 2001 at their Auntie Lorraine's home with their cousins.   From left top - Jonathan, center - Linzi, top right - Jimmy, center middle - Heather, and center bottom - Lauren.  This was one of those classics moments in their lives. 

Take 2, but this time, guys - be tough and fierce.
This is Heather at Mimi's (her grandmother's home) using Lauren's computer to check her email. 

Christmas 2003
Heather posing with her dog Cloie.  Lauren is in the background.  This was a very memorable Christmas for me (Dad).
  Both the girls were really good to me this year.

Christmas 2003
This is Heather goof 'in on me showing me her Victoria Secrets gift.  I don't want to know !!!!


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