Cloie and Winston's Pictorial

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Here is what Cloie looked like when Heather first brought her home.  Isn't she adorable. 


She was so tiny, and yet so cute.


Heather makes Cloie pose on the piano to giv eyou a sense of her size. 


Pretty Cloie sleeping, and may I say very warmly.  Heather takes very good care of her, and she of her as well.


If you curle up, she's curle up with you.  I call her the body heat theaf. 


Here, I'm not sure what Cloie is thinking.  In general, this look is one that says, I want to play.  Are you up for it?


Heather trained Cloie very well.  She's a good dog.


Cloie loves people - anyone will do - especially when they're eating lunch.  They like her too.


Here, Lauren is tossing socks out for Cloie to run after.  Cloie is like a little dart.  She's fast.


Oh Heather. Always making your little ones dress up in costume.


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